Calibration technician interview question?

Top Interview questions : Calibration engineer / Calibration technician

1.What is the purpose of Calibration ?

2.What is traceability ?

3.What is span ?

4.What is range ?

5.Explain about zero suppression / elevation ?

6.Different types of instrument errors ?

7.What is Master gauge ? 8.How to calibrate pressure instrument ?

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9.How to calibrate a control valve ?

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10.What is "As found value " and “as left value” ?

11.What is “zero” adjustment ?

12.What is span adjustment?

13.How to calibrate a thermocouple ?

14.What is thermobath ?

15.Why we 250Ohs when HART communicator connected to instrument ?

16.How to calibrate a pressure relief valve ?

17.How to calibrate a solenoid valve ?

18.Control valve calibration - what is stroke ?

19.How to calibrate a interface level transmitter ?

  1. How to calibrate a Borden gauge ?

21.How to calibrate a smart instrument?

22.What is LRV ?

23.What is URV?

24.How to calibrate a Foundation Fieldbus device?

25.What are the precautions need to be taken to calibrate an online instrument ? [1]: [2]:

What is calibration ?

The process of adjusting an instrument or compiling a deviation chart so that its reading can be correlated to the actual value being measured.

What is accuracy ?

The closeness of an indication or reading of a measurement device to the actual value of the quantity being measured.Usually expressed as ± percent of full scale.

What is error ?

The difference between the value indicated by the transducer and the true value of the measurand being sensed. Usually expressed in percent of full scale output.

What is repeatability ?

he ability of a transducer to reproduce output readings when the same measurand value is applied to it consecutively, under the same conditions, and in the same direction. Repeatability is expressed as the maximum difference between output readings.

What is range?

Those values over which a transducer is intended to measure, specified by its upper and lower limits.

What is span?

The difference between the upper and lower limits of a range expressed in the same units as the range.

What is Rangeability?

The ratio of the maximum flow rate to the minimum flow rate of a meter.