Cable glanding selection guide:

What is cable glanding:

A cable gland is a device designed to mount or protect the end of an electrical cable to the device. A cable gland provides tension relief and attaches by a means appropriate for the form or specification of the cable it is built for including an arrangement for electrical connection, if any, to the shield or braid or lead or aluminum cable sheath.

Selection Guide for Cable gland:

This Cable Gland Selection Guide is based on the IEC 60079-14 and CMP Cable Gland specifications. After physical inspection of the wire, the after selection process flow diagram can only be observed as part of the IEC selection process.

The cable entry system shall comply with the following:

  • Cable entry device in compliance with IEC 79-1 “Flameproof Enclosure Construction and Verification Check of Electrical Apparatus” and unique cable type intended to be used with that device.

  • Thermoplastic. The thermosetting or elastomeric cable, which is substantially compact and circular, has extruded bedding and fillers, if any, which are non-hygroscopic, may use flameproof cable entry devices with a sealing ring.

Types of Glands:

Brass Indoor Type Gland:

  • This Gland is effective with different cable forms, whether acrylic, rubberized, metal or any other.

  • Application: dry indoor wire, plastic or rubber sheathed cable for use with all types of SWA cables.

  • Single wire, plastic or rubber sheathed cable indoor brass gland. Recommended for additional entry protection with shroud.

Brass Outdoor Type Gland:

  • It comes in amazing high-quality material for use in outdoor and indoor applications with different types of sheathed and unheathed cables.

  • Indoor and outdoor brass gland widely used with reinforced single wire.

  • Cable sheathed with plastic or rubber. Terminates and secures cable armoring and internal seal grips cable sheath to ensure mechanical strength and durability of the earth.

Brass Straitening Unarmored Cable Gland:

  • Nickel plated or natural brass A2 type cable glands are used with variety of unarmored or rubber sheathed cables.

  • Brass indoor and outdoor cable gland suitable for all types of unarmored cables, plastic or rubber sheathed cables.

Brass Weather Proof Gland:

  • Unlike other cable gland types, this type of cable gland is used with different types of swa cables, whether plastic or rubber sheathed, specifically with single shielded.

  • Once the gland is connected to the desired wires and wire elements, this type of cable gland is known for its continuous operation.

  • Appropriate for cables with SWA or rubber sheath.

  • Outside seal holds cable bedding sheet for most climatic conditions.

  • Weature proof and waterproof

PG Threaded Gland:

Nickel chrome plated PG threaded cable gland is a custom made threaded gland to meet the needs from the meet industries. Apart from the round headed PG threaded cable gland, we also offer hexagonal gland or any other like spherical rectangular or any other dimensional PG threaded cable gland as per the specification of the customer.

Industrial Cable Gland:

Brass gland suitable for wire braid armored, plastic or rubber sheathed cable. Terminates and secure cable armoring and outer seal grips sheath of cable thus ensuring mechanical strength and earth continuity. Recommended to use PVC shroud for additional ingress protection