1. What is the supply frequency in India? a) 60HZ b) 55HZ c) 50HZ e) 40HZ

  2. What will be the total resistance in a parallel circuit? a) Higher than that of the higher resistance value b) Lower than that of the least resistance value
    c) Higher than that of the all resistance
    d) It may all of the above

  3. Mass of an electron is…….…? a) 9.109x10-31 b) 109.9x10-31 c) 19.109x10-13 d) 0.9x10-31

  4. What will be the color cored of 21x106 Ω ±10% ? a) Red , brown, blue, silver b) Red, black, blue, silver c) Red, red, black silver d) Red, brown, violet, silver

  5. Unit of the inductance will be ? a) Hertz b) Fared c) Henry
    d) Tesla

  6. Expansion of PLC will be? a) Programmable logic convertor b) Programmable logic contactor c) Programmable logic controller
    d) Programmable logic connector

  7. Frequency of a DC current will be …………? a) 0HZ b) 100HZ c) 50HZ d) None of the above

  8. Dielectric of paper capacitor will be ? a) Polyester b) Mica c) Paper d) Can mica or polyester

  9. 1/1000000Ampere will be? The sum of the voltage drops across the resistances of a closed circuit equals the total voltage applied to the circuit a) 1 lack ampere
    b) Mille ampere c) Mega ampere d) Micro ampere

  10. The sum of the voltage drop across the resistance of a closed circuit equal to the total voltage applied to the circuit - statement is related to ………. low ? a) Ohms low b) Lows of electro magnetic induction c) Lows
    c) Kirchhoff low d) Charles low

  11. What can the principle of conductivity sensor? a) Reluctance b) Both (a) and (b) c) Resistivity d) Non of the above

  12. Ladder logic is related to ………. ? a) PLC b) MCB c) ELCB d) OLR

  13. VFD is controlling the …………. ? a) Speed b) HP c) Frequency of supply d) Torque

  14. Total capacitance in parallel connection will be ? a) Always higher than that of series connection
    b) Always less than that of series connection
    c) Always constant
    d) None of the above

  15. Resistance of dry skin ? a) 1000Ω to 660Ω
    b) 100KΩto 660kΩ c) 200Ωto 300Ω d) 600 kΩ to800kΩ

  16. In a sign wave maximum positive voltage will be at ? a) 2700 b) 900 c) 3600 d) 800

  17. Formula for the inductive reactance? a) 2πfL b) 2 πxL c) 2 π L d) π fL

a) High tension transformer is rated in ? b) KWA c) KVA d) KWh

  1. Instead of 0mA we are taking 4mA the for the transmission ? a) Differentiate 0 input and fault disconnection of the wire b) It is the minimum current we can measure c) We can use ay current d) Non of the above

  2. SCADA stands for
    a) Supervisory control and data Acquisition b) Sub control data addition c) Super control data action d) No expansion is available

  3. Rota meter is using for measuring? a) Conductivity b) Flow c) Pressure
    d) Temperature

  4. Working principle of the thermocouple? a) Ohms effect b) Zee back effect c) Thermal effect d) Non of the above

  5. Expansion of the MMI? a) Man machine Interference b) Man mechanism interference
    c) Man mechanical input d) Man made input

  6. Boosting of the power factor can de by? a) Capacitors
    b) Indictors c) Resistors d) Cant able to boost up

  7. Write down the expansion of the following points? a) OLR………… b) SDF………… c) VFD…………