Best web based SCADA system


I am planning to replace existing SCADA system. I would like to know you experience with a web based SCADA systems.

I have following requiremens

  • modern, web based (no java, no plugins)
  • at least 10 clients
  • connect directly to Rockwell and Siemens PLCs
  • logging, trending, reports
  • SMS sending

What is your favorite system. What would you recommend?

Note: I don’t want Rockwell or Siemens system, they are not web based, and you need to redo whole project to get it on the web with a lot of limits. Thanks, M.


I have went this road. Best I have found is mySCADA, we switch from Rockwell and are really happy.

  • web based (SVG, javascript, HTML5)
  • unlimited number of clients
  • can talk to Rockwell, Siemens and many other PLCs, has nice import for Rockwell PLC tags, can talk directly to TIA portal :slight_smile:
  • nicely done logging
  • integrated reporting
  • SMS, email nottifications
  • simple to extend using Javascript

Cheaper than RA and Siemens but much more powerfull