Best Free Modbus OPC server for small scale projects

An OPC server acts as a bridge between a Modbus device and an OPC client. When a Modbus device needs to communicate to an OPC client, the OPC server intermediates the communication.

You can connect Modbus devices to OPC clients by utilizing one of the many free Modbus OPC servers that are currently available. There are several free Modbus OPC servers that you can use to connect Modbus devices to OPC clients.

Here are a few options:

OPC Server for Modbus

The OPC Server for Modbus is capable of communicating with a variety of devices that support the Modbus TCP and Serial protocols. Among these devices are RTU, DCS, and PLC. With a few clicks, the server connects to various devices utilizing the Modbus TCP and Serial protocols. This OPC Modbus server complies with OPC Classic Data Access standards.

Features :

Multiple OPC DA Client connections supported

Configuration of tags per blocks

Supports Multiple TCP/serial Modbus device connections

After network issues, the configured Modbus TCP and serial devices automatically reconnect.

Windows service capability enabling automatic restart following host machine restart

Events can be tracked using log files and a viewer.

Supported OS : Windows Server 2012,Windows Server 2008,Windows 8,Windows Seven, Windows Server 2016.Windows 10,Windows Server 2019

OPC Compatibility : OPC Data Access 1.0a,OPC Data Access 2.00,OPC Data Access 2.05a,OPC Data Access 3.0

License : Free for up to 50 tags.

MasterOPC Universal Modbus Server

MasterOPC Universal Modbus Server is an OPC server for industrial applications that use Modbus RTU/ASCII/TCP. The Modbus OPC server offers two OPC interfaces: DA (Data Access, processed data) and HDA (Historical Data Access, archived data).


Communication with the Modbus RTU/ASCII network via serial interface via a dedicated line (RS-232 or RS-485)

Modbus TCP is supported via TCP/IP


Integration with IoT Devices and Cloud Services

ODBC Database connection

Communication with devices using GSM modem and SMS message

OPC Compatibility : OPC DA 2.05, OPC HDA 1.2 ,OPC UA

License : Free for up to 32 tags.