Basics of Zirconia Oxygen analyzer/sensor & its working

The ZDT Oxygen Analyzer is designed for continuous monitoring of oxygen content in applications.


The Zirconium oxide sensor usually is furnished in a convenient probe format for direct-in-line insertion. The sensor is based on the zirconium oxide is the conductor of oxygen ion. The Zirconium exhibits very high resistance at room temperature.

Heating the element allows different partial oxygen concentration of gases to come into contact with opposite of the zirconia, creating an oxygen concentration cell. An electromotive force is produced because ions travel through the zirconia element to the other element.


At high temperature the zirconia becomes conductive.The zirconia is heated and the gas with known concentration is filled inside the meter which is the reference gas. At an optimum temperature, a voltage is produced across the zirconium cell, which is proportional to the concentration of oxygen in the process air or which is dependent only on the ratio of the concentration of the oxygen.

Using air as the reference gas, the current produced will be the measure of the concentration of oxygen in the process gas only.

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