Basics of Reluctive Pressure Transducers?

Reluctive Pressure Transducer

A reluctive pressure transducer is a pressure transducer that works by changing the reluctance between two coils.These device measures pressures ranging from less than 10 psi to more than 10000 psi.

What is reluctance?

Reluctance is a term used in describing how magnetic device work. It describes one factor that affect the electrical coupling between two coils. Reluctance in a magnetic circuit is similar to resistance in an electrical circuit. Changing the spacing between two magnetic devices changes the reluctance between them.

How reluctance pressure transducer works?

A pressure sensor cam change the spacing between two coils by moving one part of the magnetic circuit. This motion changes the reluctance between the coils,in turn changing the voltage induced by one coil in the other.The change in induced voltage then can be interpreted as a change in pressure.

The LVDT often is used to convert a pneumatic signal to a proportional electrical signal.