Advantages of PLC

  • PLC is basically designed to operate in an industrial environment with wide range s of ambient temperature and humidity

  • All the capabilities of the earlier systems

  • Hardware and software of the PLC are designed for easy use by the plant technician and electricians.

  • The dramatic performance increase over the relay logic systems

  • Troubleshooting is simpler with PLC’s as they have been provided with fault indicators and written fault information displayed on the screen.

  • Greater reliability

  • Little maintenance due to no moving parts

  • No special programming skills required by maintenance personnel

  • The physical size of the PLC system is much smaller than the conventional relay-based logic

  • Lower cost

  • Ease of programming

  • Ease of maintenance

  • Designed for industrial environment

  • Quick installation

  • Adaptable to change

  • PLC’s are not affected by electrical noise problems

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