Conversion of power is mostly done in today’s electronics sometimes we need to use AC and then DC so batteries are used to get the DC. But it is not possible to use batteries all the time so mostly we use rectifiers to convert AC to DC but while doing the conversion we need to check if the power source is usable or not by using single stage rectifier conversion we would get DC power but it won’t be smooth. in order to get proper DC we need to use multi-stage rectification and by using additional circuits we could get usable DC.


• A half wave rectifier is a P-n junction which is connected to resistor in series this diode will only conduct current when it is forward biased in this type of rectifier we will get DC from output terminals during one half cycle a diode is a conducting device which is unidirectional it only conducts when the anode is in higher voltage with respect to cathode

• Ac source is applied to the primary of the transformer • Point A is positive with respect to B in one half of the cycle and thus the diode will conduct there will be current flow through the load • A is negative with point B in the other half cycle diodes does not conduct because it is in reverse biased and there will be no current flow The flow of current is possible only in positive cycles and thus it is half wave rectifier


There are some advantages for full wave rectifier over half wave the output voltage is higher than the half wave and the full wave rectifier has less ripple when compared to the half wave • AC power source is applied to the primary of the transformer • In the first half cycle, A is positive compared to C and thus the diode will conduct and the current will flow through the load • In the next half, A is negative with respect to C during this state the diode D2 conducts and thus the current will flow through the load • So during both half cycle, we got Dc output hence it is full wave rectifier

USE OF FILTER The half and full wave rectifier output has a certain amount of AC voltage in addition to the DC voltage by using filter circuits we could change this by using a shunt capacitor filter by putting a high-value capacitor in shunt with the load capacitor offers low impedance to the AC current and the DC passes through the load resistor

Full wave rectifier with a filter