AC or DC Motor: Which One Has the Highest Starting Torque?

DC motors often have a higher starting torque in comparison to their AC motors. This is due to the reason that DC motors are able to generate a constant torque from zero speed and upwards, but AC motors frequently have a characteristic termed “slip” that decreases the torque at low speeds.

Because of this, DC motors are capable of producing more force than AC motors, which allows them in overcoming the initial resistance & inertia of a load. Applications that require high torque at a low speed, such as

  • Electric cars,
  • Cranes,
  • Elevators, and
  • Winches,

are perfect applicable for DC motors. However, it is essential to be aware that there are numerous varieties of AC motors, such as synchronous motors and induction motors, and that each type of AC motor possesses a unique set of qualities and capacities for starting torque. DC motors are a potential possibility for use in conditions and applications that demand an exceptionally high starting torque. On the other end, recent developments in motor control technology have made it possible to create AC motor management techniques that, in addition to improving starting torque performance in specific applications, can also reduce power consumption. AC motors have a lower starting torque than DC motors, but they are easier to operate because to the presence of variable resistors and frequency converters. AC motors are ideally suited for use in applications like

  • Fans,
  • Pumps, &
  • Compressors that need to maintain a consistent speed and power.