A Cheap PLC For Educational Purposes

Hello everyone,

I’ve actually just got a new job in instrumentation and to prepare I am wanting to swat up on PLC because it’s something I’ve had nothing to do with in the past. I really am a beginner and I don’t want to be caught with my trousers down! I start in July so at least I have plenty of time to train up. I do learn more from doing than reading though, so thought this would be the ideal way to go about things.

Because funds are low as I’ve been unemployed, could any of you suggest a cheap PLC system I could purchase to programme with my laptop and mess about on? I have looked on ebay at old siemens units as the manufacturer is what is used on site for PLC. But I keep finding out I have to buy one thing, then another and it goes on and on until it’s outwith my budget of around £60.

Any help will be greatly appreciated,


Number of free plc programming simulators are available … Why u want to buy a plc ??

That’s interesting, but I thought they just simulate the PLC ladder programme? I’m looking for something to be programmed with the ladder programme and then I can simulate inputs while watching for the correct output status.

Some chinese made plcs are available in $30 to $60 . Check alibaba

You may check this site: http://plccompare.com/cheap-plcs, however with your budget I would recommend a virtual environment or a cheap second-hand plc.

Best of luck with searching.

I managed to purchase a used siemens s7-200 plc from ebay for £50. It is the same range as what I’ll be using in my new workplace, and although it’s a simplified version I think it will help me a lot. Thanks for all the help! :smile:

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