7 Best PCB designing app and their features

What PCB means and what are they used for

PCB is the short form for a printed circuit board, it can be used to construct an electrical circuit which has electrical interconnections between them. PCB is a board that has lines and pads which will connect various points together. We can connect electronic components by using PCB, the electrical connection is done by using pathways or tracks. PCB is also known as printed wiring board or etched wiring board. Printed circuit boards are mostly used in the simplest commercially produced electronic device. PCB’s are rugged inexpensive, and they are highly reliable. Because of the PCB, we don’t have any bulky or unreliable design that needs regular replacement.

**What are the best PCB design apps **

1. PCB droid


PCB droid will help to design PCB very quickly, this can be extension hardware for your raspberry pi or Arduino panel. So by using this app, we can design PCB by using our mobile or tablet quickly and effectively. PCB droid is a great design tool for educational purposes. This application is a perfect choice for electronic hobbyists. The application doesn’t use previously made circuit diagrams. Draw your lines or, place your through-holes or SMD pads as you want with the help of this app.

What are the special features of PCB droid

• We can create and save our own macro

• Designing can be done quickly and effectively

• Your projects can be exported to PDF, IMG or GERBER format

• You can reach your project from multiple devices from droid cloud integration.

• Saving and sharing is easy

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2. PCB design companion free


This app will help to design PCB and it will be really useful for PCB engineers. Many important calculators are in this app and it will be really useful for the PCB designers. By using this app we can work better and this will also increase our time efficiency. This app will also be useful for beginners, this app has many sets of symbols, and this will be useful for students.

What are the special features of the PCB design companion free app

• This app has a trace width calculator that can compute the value of resistance, current, and voltage drop.

• Simple to use

• This doesn’t need the internet to work

• Trace impedance will be known, by the using trace impedance calculator

• We can design different shapes of inductors by this app

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3. PCB layout design


This app can be useful to design the PCB and this design will be helpful to do the PCB connections. The major feature of this app is that it has many image categories such as PCB component layout, circuit amplifier board, PCB amplifier design, PCB circuit diagram, easy PCB assembly, etc.

What are the special features of the PCB layout design app

• Easy to use and fast loading

• Quality pictures

• High resolution

• Can be used in offline mode

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4. Electric circuit studio


This app has many sets of tools to build electronic circuits, SPICE simulation and calculation of circuits. This app has a short interactive book that will explain electrical theorems, laws, and circuits. This is a useful application for electronic hobbyists and students.

What are the important features of Electric circuit studio

• This app has a schematic editor and SPICE simulator

• It can do DC and AC transient analysis

• There are calculators to do electrical calculations like power calculator, voltage divider, transformer calculation, etc.

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5. Circuit jam


Circuit jam app is for students, this app has made circuit learning fun for students and this app has many puzzles related to electronic circuits. This app can make electronic circuits interactive and approachable. This is a beginner-friendly app so people who don’t have any idea about circuits can also use this and they could know more about electronic circuits.

What are the important features of circuit jam

• Many circuit-related puzzles can be seen in this app and this will improve the circuit knowledge

• This app will teach us how to add and divide the voltage and current.

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6. Circuitry: Electronic circuits tool


We can explore the world of electronic circuits by using this app, and it has a better circuit catalog. We can design circuits with this app, and for each circuit, we can consult formulas and information which would help us to understand how it works. Simulation can be done with this app, we can insert the values of the components of the circuit and we could let the app to compute all values in real-time.

What are the important features of circuitry: electronic circuits tool

• This app will show formula and information about the circuit and how it works and this would be really useful

• Simulation can be done

• It can perform the inverse calculation to find the value of the component

• It has an auto design tool

• Circuit saving can be done so we can edit or check the circuit according to our need

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7. PCB projects


This app is for students and beginners, this app contains a lot of PCB projects. These electronic circuits and microcontroller projects are built on PCBs and explained with the detailed PCB design process. We can learn PCB design from these PCB design projects.

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