7 Best electrical wiring app and their features

What is electrical wiring

Electrical wiring can be considered as the connection of cables and wires to related devices such as cables, fuses, sockets, fans to the main distribution board for continuous power supply. It is the power distribution with the help of wires and the wires are conductor which can carry electricity and the wires would be insulated for safety purposes. Electrical wiring must be done properly whether it is residential or commercial. If it is not done properly it could affect the safety of the person and property. In order to do the electrical wiring properly we need good workmanship, knowledge of electrical principle and circuitry. So anyone who does electrical wiring must know how to do it.

What are the best electrical wiring apps

1. Home electrical wiring diagram


This app has a complete description, pin-outs, electrical calculations and other useful references for home wiring purposes. The illustration in this app is shown in a typical wiring diagram method, so the actual installation on the house wiring plan must be done according to the individual requirement. This app is free and user-friendly. The content in this app is very accurate and it is reliable. There are many instructions and information related to the wiring process.

What are the important features of home electrical wiring diagram

  • This app has color coding of wires and screw terminals
  • Electrical symbols and details about switches are in this app
  • Measurements for outlets and switches
  • Watts used by different electrical items can be known
  • The cause of the short circuit can be known

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2. House electrical wiring app


This app shows the physical connection and physical layout of an electrical system or circuit. This app will show us how electrical wires are interconnected and it also shows where fixtures and components may be connected to the system. This app can be used to assist in building or manufacturing the circuit or electronic device. This can also be used to do the repair.

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3. Home wiring diagram


This app will show how the electrical wiring in our home can be done, it would show some electrical wiring images and we could learn and do our own electrical wiring diagram. So in case of mistakes, we can rectify the features of this app. This app is equipped with a complete description of electrical calculation and image mounting. All the way in this app shows the method to create a wiring diagram and the actual installation on the home plan. This app has all the electrical requirements to do the electrical wiring diagram.

What are the important features of home wiring diagram

  • This app has measurements for outlets and switches
  • The watts used by electrical products can be known
  • This app has wire boxes, fittings, and switches
  • All about single pole switch and 4 switches way

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4. Electrical circuit diagram house wiring


By using this app we could learn more about house wiring and this app is free. This app can be used for home wiring and electrical installations, this app can be used offline and online. The size of this app is small so it won’t take much space of your mobile memory. This app has a book for electrical home wiring so we could learn a lot of things from it.

What are the important features of electrical circuit diagram house wiring

  • Electrical home plans
  • Electrical home fittings
  • Home electrical wiring and electrical home design
  • Cable home estimation of electricity

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5. Wiring diagram star delta


By using this app we can create an electrical diagram, this app is free and it can be used offline and online. The electrical installation can be done this app has many electrical circuit diagrams, electric cable toroidal transformer, etc. Star delta motor connection can be done by using this app. This app shows how to minimize the current spikes, which occurs when the electric motor is operated.

What are the important features of wiring diagram star delta

  • Sketch of wiring star delta diagram
  • Star delta wiring diagram
  • Star delta motor connection
  • Wiring diagram of a delta star connection in a three-phase induction motor

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6. Learn electrical wiring


This app will give us many details about electrical wiring, like the difference between single and three-phase power and also the wire diameter which is suitable for the various values of ampere. The miniature circuit breaker is also explained in this app. So we can get many details about the electrical and electronic component and could able to get information about the electrical wiring, this is a beginner-friendly app. Wiring color code and examples of wiring diagrams are seen in this app, electrical safety ad details about electrical protection are seen in this app.

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7. Full electric wiring diagram


This app will help us to know more about electrical engineering, this app contains cable color codes and has other teach that would help us to make the Ethernet connections. By using this app we don’t need to carry a book or a manual book. This app can be used without the internet. This app would help us to learn house wiring and has free electricity courses to learn the basics of electricity.

What are the important features of full-electric wiring diagram

  • Circuit diagram and symbols
  • Cable color codes for different countries
  • Electrical schematic
  • Steps for wiring a lighting switch

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