3 phase load calculation tool - Excel sheet

3 phase load calculation tool

It is an easy to use excel spreadsheet tool calculate the total power.

Input voltage can be selected in the spreadsheet.

It supports following input voltages -

a.3 phase 480/277 volts b.3 phase 400/230 volts c.3 phase 220/127 volts d. 3 phase 480 volts delta e.3 phase 200 volts delta f. Single phase 120 volts

Enter the load value in Amps. It will calculate the load current and Total power (kVa)

Three Phase Load Calculating kVA and kW (Three Phase) Formula:

kVA = V x I x โˆš3 รท 1000 Where: V = Volts generated
I = Amps available
P.F. - Power factor of load (Usually 0.8) โˆš3 = 1.732

To calculate the current (Amps)

I = kVA x 1000 รท V x โˆš3

three-phase-load-calculator.xls (770 KB)

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