220 Vac motorised valves open/close problems

I am working in oil & gas field, for fire water system to protect oil tanks. In the installation we have 95 electrical valves supplied with 220VAC. The actual problem is we have 25 valves which are opening only, I mean when you send opening command from plc the valve open, same thing when you send closing command. I will try to simplify our installation, the valves are feeded from UPS, going to panel field, inside panel there is distribution of 220V. Each valve is feeded by separate breaker, if all the breakers are off, except breaker of “x” is on, the valve work properly, but when we start to turn on the others breakers on, the valve will start to open only in booth case. Can any one advice how we can solve this problem? Regards.

If the actuators are isolated from the operational electrical control panel and provided with electrical power and control signal from an independent source, does each ‘faulty’ actuator function properly?

If so, then the problem is the operational electrical power or control signal wiring/integrity.

If not, then the problem is the actuator.

Thank you for your response. Actually the wiring of valves is correct and checked. We are providing 220VAC from UPS to site distribution panel, and from that panel we can energize each valve separately with corresponding breaker through local control station (the command of the valve can be locally using LCS or distant via PLC). As explained before if the breaker of valve A is ON and others breakers C D E F are off for others valves, the valve A open/close without any problem, but when we start to energize the others valves C D E F, soudainly the valve become only opening in booth signal command of opening of closing. I don’t know if it is realated to cable impedance, or induction current . How can we solve this kind of problem. Thank you