11 Reason why to upgrade SCADA


Like many other computer systems SCADA also has regular updates. But many manufacturers avoid the SCADA upgrade because of the cost of the upgrade, new licencing and training.

In fact, regular upgrades to your SCADA system can, in fact, save your organization time, resources and money. There are 10 things to consider when evaluating your existing system for improvements.

  1. The hardware modules have a fixed service life that will not be extended by OEM assurances. Lack of technical hardware support will mean longer downtime during failures of the equipment, typically not an option in mission-critical environments.

  2. Since SCADA is a critical component, priority must be given to maintaining the hardware. Upgrade or replace your systems for renewal before the warranty expires.

  3. Upgrading Security: The demands for increased security inside SCADA systems represent yet another justification for contemplating upgrading. Probably more than 5 years old SCADA software doesn’t or can’t meet simple security standards like two factor authentication or encryption.

  4. Eliminating Antiquated Features: As software has matured over time, best practices have emerged and some functionalities have become antiquated once it was thought important. One by-product of updating your software is removing wasteful or distracting features.

  5. Due to its complexity and scarcity, Industrial SCADA equipment is also difficult to come by. Luckily, SCADA updates will solve the problem and increase the savings.

  6. Compliance: Compliance standards drive updates when the devices stop supporting and deeming them incompatible with obsolete hardware or software models. Often, the retailer will stop selling you old versions due to non-disponibility.

  7. Maintenance of systems consistent across multiple or growing facilities must keep up with changing capabilities.

  8. Adding New Functionality: A working SCADA machine does not necessitate always the latest and greatest. But some new functions offer significant advantages that could increase efficiency.

  9. Eliminate unnecessary and outdated software to make the applications simpler and continue to add new features that don’t necessarily mean having the latest and greatest.

  10. Forecasting and Enterprise Support & Connectivity are just two of SCADA’s many added benefits these days.

  11. Cloud-based SCADA emerged from the trendy Internet of Things that took a storm from the industry. But do NOT use Cloud SCADA for your most sensitive environments