What are electrical materials and what are the electrical materials which is used for electrical installations

What are electrical material

Electrical materials are used for the electrical installations, in case of house wiring or building wiring electrical materials are used. We can’t do the electrical installations without using electrical materials.

What is the purpose of electrical material

The electrical materials have many purposes, they can be used to control the current flow in an electric circuit. There are certain electrical materials like circuit breaker and fuses which can be used to protect the electrical appliances and devices and it can prevent fire hazards and damage. Electrical material such as insulators can prevent users from getting electric shocks while operating electrical appliances or instruments. Electrical materials such as current-carrying wires or conductors are used to transfer the current from source to the load.

What are the most commonly used electrical materials

Convenience outlet

This electric material acts as a convenient source of electric energy for electrical appliances which requires electricity to work. The male plug of the appliances is connected to this material. It could be simplex, duplex, or multiplex it may be surface or flush type.


Male plug

The male plug is a device that is used to connect the electrical appliance to the convenience outlet. The convenience outlet will act as a source of electrical energy and the male plug is attached to a flat cord. One end of the cord is connected to the male plug and the other end is connected to the appliance.


Lamp holders

Lamp holders are a device that is used to hold the lamp they are also called lamp sockets and receptacles. These lamp holders are in any size and in many designs.


Switches are used to control the flow of electric current in a circuit they are used to connect and disconnect the flow of electric current in a circuit. Switches are in many shapes and sizes.


A fuse can be considered as a circuit protection device that automatically blows and cuts the current when a short circuit happens. So if there is an overvoltage the switch will cut the current and protects the device.


Circuit breaker

A circuit breaker is also a protective device that will protect the appliances from over-voltages. The circuit breaker will automatically blow and cuts when short circuit or overvoltage occurs.

Junction box

Junction boxes are electric materials where connections or joints of wires are done. Junction boxes are mostly made of metal or plastics.

Utility box

Utility boxes are made up of metal or plastic material, utility boxes are attached with the flush type convenience outlet and switch.

Flat cord

It is a duplex stranded wire which is used for temporary wiring installations and they are commonly used in extension cord assembly.

Electrical wire

Electrical wire is a conductor which is used for the transfer of electricity, the electric wire is the basic material for electrical installations. The transfer of current from source to load is possible with the help of an electric wire. Stranded electric wires are made up of multiple strands joined together and solid wire is made up of a single strand of wire which is either made up of copper or aluminum. These are used in wiring installations.


Conduits are electrical materials which are used for the safe passage of wires, it does the protection and insulation of the wires. There are many types of conduits like rigid metallic, flexible metallic conduit…

Clamps and connectors

Clamps are electric materials that are used to hold and anchor electrical conduits to their proper position. While the connectors are used to attach the metallic or non-metallic conduit to the junction or utility box.