Continuous bottle filling system using PLC


This is one of the important application of PLC in the bottle filling industry where we want our bottles, which move on the conveyor belt, to be automatically detected in the proper position and fill the desired liquid and also, after they are filled, the bottle in queue has the opportunity to fill up If all this process is carried out manually, it will really take a long time and also the amounts will be quite minor. Then the PLC becomes the controller required for this type of industry. Here also a small demonstration of the process was carried out with the help of the PLC, where a ladder diagram was created to control the process and the ladder diagram was executed with the PLC training kit to see its justification.


We will implement a control program that detects the position of a bottle via a limit switch then waits for 0.5 secs, and then fills the bottle until a photodetector detects the filled condition of the bottle. After the bottle is filled ,the buzzer sounds and the control program will again wait for 0.7 secs. before moving to the next bottle .Until the limit switch signals ,the feed motor,M1 runs while there are fixed rollers which carries the filled bottles. Motor,M2 keeps running after the process has been started.

Ladder diagram

Once the start button is pressed the green light (L1) turns ON and remains ON until stop button is pressed.As light turns ON out feed motor(M2) starts running.After M2 runs and if either limit switch(LS) has not signalled or filled bottle condition is fulfilled motor(M1) starts.After limit switch has signalled timer,T1 gets activated. After T1 gives done (DN)signal and photo detector (PE) is disabled ,solenoid valve gets in operation.As PE signals solenoid stops and buzzer(B1) sounds after which timer,T2 gets enabled which stops the process for 0.7 seconds. Once the filled bottle condition is activated the cycle starts again. The ladder diagram was successfully checked in the PLC simulator and all the prescribed conditions were observed completely

There is a free PLC simulator so that you can practice these Ladder programs

FREE PLC simulator

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